Superstripper 600

The Super Stripper 600 (SS600) is one of the most powerful, durable and robust cable stripping machines suitable for the toughest of working environments it is capable of stripping most if not all cables ranging from 50mm – 150**mm.
The Super Stripper 600 will eat up and and spit out some of the most dirtiest and toughest of cables, the huge gripping wheels and tremendous amount of torque the SS600 has means it will pull and strip any length of cable in its cutting range, and with its one of a kind blade design it will chop up and strip almost anything,  making simple, fast and easy work of the toughest & strongest of cables.

The Super Stripper 600 cable stripper is built to strip Steel Wired Armour (SWA), Double Steel Wired Armour & Steel Tape , PVC CoveredLead Covered & Thick Rubber & Nylon covered cables and more.

We also build bespoke versions of the Super Stripper 600 called the Super Stripper 600 HD (Heavy Duty) cable stripper this machine can be built to be able to strip up to 300mm umbilical cables or large PVC covered Lead cable, if you have cable you that you are struggling to strip/process we can build a machine so you have no problem process it.

Length: 1700mm
Width: 1200mm
Height: 1800mm
Weight: 1800kg
Cutting Capacity: 50mm – 150**mm
Cutting Speed: Approx. 6 metres per min

**depending on the type and size of cable

The Super Stripper 600 cable strippers are built by Wrights and are designed to withstand the rigor of  working yards for many years, this machine is British built and built to last !!

Demonstrations on the machine can be arranged at your convenience contact us now to book your viewing today.