Small series Granulators

Wrights small series models are intended for the recycling of plastics, copper cables and other materials such as, non ferrous metals, chemicals & food products as well as waste and rejects from injection and blow moulding, and extrusion processes.

Main Features

– Soundproofed feed hoppers designed for minimum noise level and for easy feeding, with several alternative feed options available

– All machine housing are manufactured in a horizontal or diagonally divided robust steel welded housing

– Rotor shaft in high quality steel mounted on external roller bearings, fully sealed and separate from the cutting chamber

– Access to the rotor and stator knives is simple with the divided cutting chamber which can be opened manually

– Both rotating and stationary knives manufacture from high quality steel, hardened and tempered, with precise adjustment

– Easy access to screen and cutting chamber for cleaning

– Each granulator is available with blower and cyclone for scrap removal

– Specially adapted machines are available for granulating film, small pipes and profiles, boxes and bottles, non-ferrous metals etc..

Each machine is manufactured with the “chevron type” rotor. The rotor knives are adjustable. This guarantees better performance by sharpening, maintaining the constant cutting diameter and minimal distance to the selection screen.

Small series Granulator Specifications

OUTPUT* UP TO60-80 Kg/h80-120 Kg/h80-120 Kg/h80-120Kg/h100-140 Kg/h
ROTOR DIAMETER180 mm180mm250mm250mm
ROTOR KNIVES6×160 pcs. x mm​6×225 pcs. x mm​6×160 pcs. x mm​6×200 pcs. x mm​
STATOR KNIVES4×160 pcs. x mm4×225 pcs. x mm4×160 pcs. x mm4×200 pcs. x mm
POWER5.5 kW7.5 kW7.5 kW7.5 kW
WEIGHT400 Kg540 Kg500 Kg560 Kg

*Output values are approximate only and are dependent upon your specific application.Variables such as material type, form and temperature, feed method, rotor configuration, knife sharpness and design, screen size, as well as evacuation system configuration all contribute to the overall capability of the equipment