Cable/Wire Strippers

Superstripper 60 cable stripper

Superstripper 60

A bench top machine to strip cable from 3mm-65mm

TT Cable Stripper
TT Cable Stripper

TT Cable Stripper

A bench top machine to strip cable from 3mm-65mm

170 Superstripper

A good all round machine. This machine will strip quadrant, paper covered cores and plastic cable from the bigger cable. This machine also comes with a table for sorting material after it has been stripped.

Superstripper 300 cable stripper

300 Superstripper

The 300 Super Stripper is ideal for stripping BT cable. This machine was designed in 2007 to fit comfortably between the 600 and the 170 Super Strippers

Superstripper 600 cable stripper

Superstripper 600

Superstripper 600 cable stripper is for processing armoured, lead covered, steel tape and thick nylon. We believe that this machine is the only one capable of stripping double steel wired armoured

HD 600 Cable stripper

Superstripper 600 HD

Wrights Super Stripper 600-HD Cable Stripper The Super Stripper 600-HD (Heavy Duty) are a specially manufactured cable stripper built bespoke to the customers need’s. 

Sub Sea Cable stripper

Sub Sea Superstripper

The latest innovation from Wrights… The Subsea Super Stripper has stepped into a different league with the first Double cutter stripping umbilical