Artificial Grass Recycling

Rolls of artificial grass


Wrights Recycling Machinery have designed and manufactured a recycling plant to recycle artificial grass. Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular within the sports industry, but with an average life span of 10 years the artificial grass becomes worn and needs replacing.
Currently the artificial grass goes to landfill so we have a system that allows you to recycle 99% of the turf making it more environmentally friendly and raw materials that have been reclaimed can either be re-used when laying a new artificial pitch or be sold for other uses.

Having over 30 years manufacturing recycling equipment, we have developed a unique system that unrolls, beats and separates the material to reclaim the raw materials.

How the Artificial Grass Recycling process works.

The first stage of our system is the plant unwinds the rolls of artificial grass and at the same time beating the sand and rubber from the rolls. Sand is a very abrasive material so by beating the sand and rubber out, it prevents a huge amount of wear on the shredder blades therefore saving you time and money in changing shredder blades.
Once the material has gone through the beater the sand and rubber is separated by water and also cleaning the material through the separation process. The turf rolls are then fed into a shredder, into a feeder then into a granulator and then onto the final stages of separating the plastic from the backing.